Throughput Accounting business intelligence

Throughput Accounting business intelligence is having the right information at the right time for decision making that improves profits.

Good business intelligence

Good business intelligence requires a systematic way of obtaining it. Throughput Accounting business intelligence uses a combination of information technology and business skills to create informative reports and indicators, when and where they are needed. Throughput Accounting business intelligence is predominantly performance focused, where the goal and what prevents it is of prime importance.

Relevance versus Reliability

Effective business intelligence must have a good balance between relevance and reliability. For example, if a business has to wait for too long to receive the required information from its information system, then the relevance of the information is lost. Similarly, if a business receives information before it has been verified, it may be completely unreliable. TPACC’s approach is to continuously find that good balance and provide information the is especially relevant to the decision being taken.


TPACC has special knowledge of the why-what-how information specification. We know what data is required to feed information systems that provide good Throughput Accounting business intelligence. With all the knowledge gained from years of experience we save time, and as everyone knows, time is money in the business world.

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