Bob Sproull

“I just finished reading Etienne’s new book and I must say it is brilliant! It teaches the subject at all levels of understanding and I highly recommend it to everyone. Bob Sproull”  

Greg Nurse

“This is a very welcome addition to the tools available for those that wish to know more about TA, it’s use and implementation.”  

Steve Holcomb

“This would be a great read for any who’ve tried or are trying to deploy organizational changes. Changes that you “know in your heart” are the right thing to do, but which fail to “move the needle” of financial performance measures, either during project justification or actual deployment. It may simply be that we need a different way (Throughput Accounting) to look at the financial performance measures we already have in place (GAAP). Thank you Etienne for this purposeful work.”

Kelvyn Youngman

“Page down the table of contents in the link. It deserves wide readership amongst those of us who want our businesses and organizations to be successful, now and in the future.”

Ray Immelman

“Etienne is undoubtedly the world’s leading thinker on Throughput Accounting”