TPACC is an abbreviation for ThroughPut Accounting.

TPACC was founded in 2000 by Etienne Du Plooy, an accountant with a keen interest in systemic performance measurement.

In his search for the ultimate indicators of systemic success, Etienne applied profit maximization techniques at clients with exceptional results. These were based on Throughput Accounting, the Theory Of Constraints (Dr  EM  Goldratt), and Lean (Toyota Production System). The results inspired the original TPACC software development. Since then, Etienne has developed advanced management techniques to help clients maximize their profits. He has trained thousands of people and consulted to many companies and organizations. Etienne authored his book, Throughput Accounting Techniques to share the knowledge that few are aware of.

The unique combination of performance measures focuses management attention to strive for ‘profit-leaps’. The emphasis is not on traditional ‘cost-cutting’ commonly applied as a quick-fix, but Throughput focused solutions which require lower investment than other improvement methods.